Rick & Ginger CorsinoGood Company Productions & Events was founded in 1965 by Rick & Ginger Corsino. The Corsino’s recognized a need in Southern California for quality entertainment and event services for special occasions all under one roof. A One-Stop-Shop experience delivered with the utmost in professionalism and care.

Rick & Ginger began by forming their own band (the flagship Rick - Ginger and Good CompanyGood Company), and soon became so popular that it wasn’t long before they had more work than they knew what to do with, but, that’s just it, they already had a plan for what to do with it and went about assembling an outstanding stable of accomplished entertainers and event service professionals. Kelly Corsino, the Corsino’s daughter, also began performing with her parents early in her life at age 7! But she figures prominently later on.

Good Company - with Kelly CorsinoOnce Good Company had the music end of their company well established they started branching out and began offering photography, videography, variety acts, florists, catering and ceremony services as well as event production services for large events.

Forty years later, with over 50,000 happy clients in Southern California, Rick & Ginger retired and handed the company over to Kelly. With an eye towards the future and an arsenal of experience, compliments of her successful parentage, Kelly has assembled an awesome team to bring a fresh new vision to the legacy so graciously handed her.

By approaching even the most modest event as an actual production, the company took new shape scouting resources and branching into many other unique goods and services that appeal to today